Same Day Shipping!

Hi Folks! I recorded this today and am posting today! First time for everything. Well, I’m behind quite a bit and lost about 4 hours of recordings. I bought yet another new microphone and it works ok except I found the road noise a bit much, so I may have to keep hunting for something else. I talk about perceived and planned obsolescence in this ep, and you can find the Story of Stuff video by clicking here! 

Hey Sugar, How you doin’?

I’m trying to quit sugar and I suck at it. But it’s not just a health issue either, it’s a monetary one – a financial position one – so I talk a bit about that too. Also, I tried out a fiverr account and let you know how that went so far, then close with a little about raising animals for our own food.

Staycationing in Cape Breton

In episode 16 of the podcast I give a no-sugar update, and then get into some other new ideas for future pods. How about a Cape Breton Travel Show? What’s the best way for me to highlight all the best Cape Breton has to offer? And again apologies in advance – my microphone must have been busted because there’s some annoying static once and a while. I chucked it.

The Podcast Major Project

In episode 14 of the podcast I talk a little bit about how hard it is to get things done when you (I) feel like garbage, so I’ve taken the initiative to quit sugar, and limit my caffeine intake. And today I introduce the major project for this podcast: starting a new business from scratch with zero money. It’s a brainstorming session. Hopefully at least as much brain as storm!

Actually Very Little Red Tape

In episode 12 I run through the entire process of how to complete a business Name Reservation with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks and then how to Register your business with them as well. It’s a complete run through of the entire online process. Companion YouTube videos will be posted showing screenshots at a later time. But suffice to say taking the step of turning your dream of owning a business into a reality (the official part of registering it, anyway) is probably one of the easiest things to do, even if it seems, or sounds, scary. It’s really not.